Saturday, May 15, 2004


Here is the summary of the final flurry of action. Liz Perry made a steal at midcourt with 0:20 left. The ball came loose as two defenders converged on her. She continued after the ball after Mary McCarthy knocked it into open water, then Perry came up with another loose ball, made a pass to Mary McCarthy, who found Farren Rixter wide open at the point. She fired a shot with :00.24 left on the clock and hit the right corner of the net as the buzzer sounded and Fenwick wins the GIRLS STATE TOURNAMENT 10-9!!!!!!

Liz Perry made it happen. As she did throughout the entire game. Without even taking a look at the stats, her impact went well beyond the scorebook, because without her aggressive defense and hustle, the two teams were likely headed for overtime.

Fenwick 10 McAuley 9 (FINAL)

FENWICK HAS THE BALL WITH :43 left now, mccarthy to pavlik to rixter, fouled, to pavlik, wide right,





more in a second

McAuley 9 Fenwick 9 (4th - 1:00)


McAuley 9 Fenwick 9 (4th - 2:00)

Foley knocks Cabrera's backhand over the goal! Foley makes another save as Fenwick takes a timeout.

McAuley 9 Fenwick 9 (4th - 2:48)

Liz Perry assists a driving Keely Baldwin with a goal to tie the game at 9-9 with 2:48 left to play. McAuley takes a timeout.

McAuley 9 Fenwick 8 (4th - 3:00)

Rixter misses wide left. Who will strike first? It's Megan O'Connell with a lob from the right corner!

Fenwick 8 McAuley 8 (4th - 5:14)

Maggie Wood finds the right corner to tie the game at 8-8 with 5:19 left

Fenwick 8 McAuley 7 (4th - 5:48)

ALISON PAVLIK DRAWS A FOUR METER! McCarthy to shoot it...and its GOOD!

Fenwick 7 McAuley 7 (End of 3rd)

Foley makes a critical save on a shot by Coghlan, Perry draws a foul, quickly finds Alison Pavlik, who scores with a lefthanded shot from the right corner as Fenwick now leads!

Loose ball, Baldwin comes up with it, but Perez forces a turnover, final seconds of the period, cabrera is denied by foley but puts in the rebound and we are tied with :18 left.

Last shot for Fenwick, Foley takes it and...the skip is saved by Delaney.

Fenwick 6 McAuley 6 (3rd - 1:00)

LIZ PERRY! Makes a steal and goes all the way down, has the ball stripped by Perez, ball goes back to Delaney but Perry never gives up, makes a block, attacks the loose ball, and fends of Delaney to push the ball in for a goal. McAuley calls a timeout.

McAuley 5 Fenwick 5 (3rd - 3:00)

McAuley has two powerplay chances; Coghlan scores on the second try and its 6-5 McAuley.

McAuley 5 Fenwick 5 (3rd - 6:29)

Rixter has tied it at 6:29 from two meters!

McAuley 5 Fenwick 4 (HALF)

Liz Perry turns at two meters and no call, Bonk misses but Liz Perry pushes in the rebound and it is 5-4 with :52 left in the half. Liz Perry a steal and once again no call on the drive. Perez with the defense to stop the shot. The half ends.

McAuley 5 Fenwick 3 (2nd - 2:00)

Cabrera adds a two meter goal of her own with 2:45 left as McAuley retakes a 4-3 lead. FOLEY DENIES MAGGIE WOOD ON A ONE ON ONE! Coghlan scores again from the right side as McAuley is now ahead 5-3.

Fenwick 3 McAuley 3 (2nd - 3:00)

The teams have traded possessions without any scoring. Maggie Coghlan ends the drought with a goal from seven meters. Rixter has the answer at two meters with a tough goal.

Fenwick 2 McAuley 2 (End of 1st)

Perry draws an ejection, Bonk shot blocked out of bounds, then Delaney saves a Rixter shot from the right wing. Delaney makes a last second save as the first period ends.

Fenwick 2 McAuley 2 (1st - 2:00)

Pavlik and Cabrera exchange goals to start the game. Liz Perry makes a steal from Cabrera, and Emily Bonk makes one of the most amazing tipins you will see off her own miss and Fenwick is up 2-1. Maggie Wood ties it back up at 2-2. Fenwick on the powerplay and cant connect.

Fenwick vs McAuley (Pregame)

Both teams are in the water...

Fenwick Wins Boys State Tournament

In the aftermath of their victory, here are some quick postgame thoughts.

Kevin Kysiak was the player of the game for Fenwick. He scored four goals, including the first two of the game. He also added two assists and was all over the place for the Friars.

Steve Michelau was the player of the game for Stevenson. He had four goals and three assists for the Patriots.

That was also the best water polo game I have seen all year.

Fenwick 11 Stevenson 9 (FINAL)

Terchin with a shot wide right and Fenwick can run the clock out.

Fenwick 11 Stevenson 9 (4th - 0:20)

Lagunov strips Parolin at two meters, Parolin a wide open break and he is stripped. Renfrew a big save, Stevenson has 2:00 left to get closer, Calacci over the goal, Baldwin skips a shot off the crossbar, Alland draws a foul and fins Michelau at 7m for a goal THROUGH evon's hands.

Last minute now, Lagunov a steal, Tercin to Alan, saved by Evon, Fenwick bakk with :40, evon holds to melnyk, to parolin at 2m, draws the ejection, malnyk makes the shot and its 11-9 with :20 left.

Fenwick 10 Stevenson 8 (4th - 4:00)

Renfrew an early save on Kysiak. Melnyk gets inside and scores to make it 10-8. Terchin a lob over the goal. Alland a steal, Terchin skips it out of bounds. Renfrew a big save, Hall over the net, Stevenson gets the ball back and takes a timeout.

Fenwick 9 Stevenson 8 (End of 3rd)

Parolin connects at two meters for a goal. Michelau with a steal. Melnyk a steal. Renfrew saves Klotz. Parolin gets a losse ball and scores at two meters. Final seconds and Evon tosses it over the net.

Stevenson 8 Fenwick 7 (3rd - 2:30)

Alland hits the post. Renfrew denies Parolin at two meters. Michelau just misses wide left. Renfrew a save on Kysiak and Lagunov gets lead pass for a goal with 2:31.

Fenwick 7 Stevenson 7 (3rd - 3:54)

Kevin Kysiak ties the score on a powerplay with 3:54 left.

Fenwick 6 Stevenson 6 (3rd - 4:32)

Terchin scores from the outside and we are tied again at 6-6. Renfrew a save on Tom Parolin, ahead to Hall, MICHELAU at 2m with a goal! Stevenson with their first lead and a Fenwick timeout with 4:32.

Fenwick 6 Stevenson 5 (3rd - 6:00)

Michelau ties it with a sweep shot! Kysiak comes back with a goal from Calderon and its 6-5.

Fenwick 5 Stevenson 4 (3rd - 7:00)

Calderon deserved a call in the final minute at two meters but didnt get it. Matt Glennie just swiped one of my Cokes without asking and if this game wasnt so close, I might have lost it. Evil refs!

We are getting ready for the second half as we speak!

Fenwick 5 Stevenson 4 (HALF)

Evon makes a good save from an Alland shot. Baldwin inside but a huge save by Renfrew. The defense holds for both teams as we are inside of one minute. Terchin nails a shot with :10 from the point and Renfrew makes a save and we hit halftime with a 5-4 score.

Fenwick 5 Stevenson 3 (2nd - 3:00)

Evon makes a save late in the second as the teams have traded possessions without any scoring. Finally, Calderon gets a goal at two meters as Stevenson needs a timeout. Michelau with a crazy backhand to the right corner makes it 5-3.

Sorry for the post confusion. Everything should be in order.

Fenwick 3 Stevenson 0 (1st - 4:00)

Opening swimoff won by Fenwick. Parolin drives in but Michelau pushes it under. Evon stops a sweep from Michelau. Kysiak scores from the point to go up 1-0. Michelau shoots wide left. Kysiak again from the right wing and its quickly a 2-0 lead. Calacci bats a pass over the net. On the powerplay and Fenwick's Melnyk misses wide right. Michelau hits the post but Evon knocks it out of bounds. Michelau's skip hits the crossbar. Fenwick powerplay and Luke Baldwin skips a shot in.

Fenwick 0 Stevenson 0 (1st - 7:00)

Is anyone out there? This place is packed! Standing room only, other than the two completely empty rows near the shallow end. Please email if you are out there following the games, or make comments on this page. This is gonna be loud and this is the game everyone has been waiting for!

The players are being introduced as we speak.

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